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Below are some of the works I am most proud of. These selected projects cover the fields of data visualization, product design, algorithm design, data science, and front end-development. Click on a subject to filter or click here to reset.

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The Next Wave

Article looking at New York City through the lens of coffee in an attempt to explore a fundamental question of spatial economics – how are the locations of businesses determined?

The COVID-19 Compiler

App meant to provide a multidimensional view of COVID-19’s impact in counties across the US. It encompasses the mapping of vulnerable populations, state and local policies to reduce transmission, and data on medical / health care resources. Featured extensively on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Band on the Run

Using machine learning to explore the ways that neighborhoods are connected by live music.


A platform made to help commercial real-estate brokers fill retail leases with companies that will be both successful and good for the neighborhood.

[x] Everywhere

An art project meant to ask the question — What does distance mean in the 21st century? [x] Everywhere is a visual (and arguably insane) way to explore neighborhood similarities.